Our Courses

All our English courses are content-based and designed to meet the needs of non-native English speaking professionals as well as students. Content-based English (ESP) – by blending stimulating and relevant content with English language instruction we help learners to develop their skills in the English language in a more natural way.

What are the advantages of content-based English (ESP)?

We have found that content-based instruction makes learning English more meaningful as well as helps learners to enhance their knowledge of current issues, professionally relevant topics as well as expand their perspective. Our experience has shown that content-based English teaching is the most effective way to learn English in self-directed online environments.

How do we use authentic content to teach English?

We supplement original texts in English with content-based practice exercises to help learners improve their English language skills and expand professional vocabulary.

The focus of each learning module is to enable learners’ understanding of various professionally/personally relevant topics while also making their learning of topic-based structures and vocabulary possible through various reading/listening/writing and speaking tasks.  Each learning module consists of self-directed learning and a trainer-led online session. The primary aim of trainer-led sessions is to support course participants’ development of English speaking skills.  Each learning module lasts for one week and includes maximum two 1-hour trainer-led online sessions with a group. During trainer-led sessions learner discuss weekly topics with a native speaking specialist as well as have an opportunity to interact and even form friendship with each other.

Each course is comprised of 25 modules and lasts over 6 months. The primary focus of each module is on participants’ English speaking accuracy and use of professional vocabulary. Practice tasks included in each module provide ample opportunities for reading, writing, listening and vocabulary practice potentially leading to internalization of the content.

To ensure best results learners are advised to take two 1-hour trainer-led sessions per week, however they can also choose one 1-hour trainer-led session per week or enrol in self-study option. Regardless of their chosen option, they will be able to considerably improve their English skills if they follow the course study guide.

Participants receive a Certificate of Achievement upon successful course completion and a recommendation letter on LinkedIn upon request.

The start date of each course is announced to registered participants.

If there is still anything  you need to clarify, please get in touch.