English for Business Communication (L2)

English for Business Communication (level 2) – an online English course designed to maximize learners’ time and to speed up the process of learning English.

The course aims to develop learners’ English language skills and enhance their knowledge about the elements of successful communication in business situations, with an emphasis on the use of these skills as a manager. The course is suitable for adult learners or students who have intermediate to high-intermediate proficiency in English and want to overcome their fear of communicating with English-speaking colleagues or interacting in an academic context.

The course is designed to hone learners’ speaking skills in English, expand professional vocabulary, and improve their listening and pronunciation. Trainer-led online sessions focus on developing learners’ speaking fluency and encouraging their use of newly learned business vocabulary and communication techniques.

Enriched OER content (text, audio/video) orients learners to the shifting business landscape and prepares them for success in the multicultural workplace and undergraduate/graduate business programs in English.

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To see the full list of topics covered in this course, download the course syllabus here:

What is an online English course?

An ‘online course’ is when teaching and learning occurs only through the web. The latter is a medium for course participants to connect with each other. ‘Synchronous’ means that the interaction with a course participants is happening at the same time. Throughout this course learners will be meeting with each other and their trainer in real time using a video conferencing application. To ensure  participants’ meaningful interaction and positive learning experience, groups are comprised of 5-6 participants at the most.

How is online training better than learning in a tradtional context?

The benefit of flexibility in online courses cannot be overstated – it allows learners to work
at a time and a place that is compatible with their learning needs. There are no restrictions in the virtual space – learners can interact with the course content, other learners and their trainer as often as they need. The technology used for course delivery provides a trainer with learner progress tracking tools, allowing more effective guidance. Guided instruction facilitates learners’ progress by keeping them on target and makes achieveing the results they want more likely.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered online via our Moodle Learning Management System (LMS).

Moodle LMS is a virtual environment which has a simple interface that resembles an informational portal. It is accessible from any place any time, easy to use and has all the functionalities for delivering courses that include audio visual elements and asynchronous trainer-learner interaction.

How is the course designed?

English for Business (level 1)  course is designed to encourage independent and active learning. Unlike video-based or online asynchronous courses, it has an essential component – trainer-led sessions, This social environment is absolutely necessary for developing learners’ spekaing skills in English.

Each level of the course is comprised of 25 modules. The materials are intended to be engaging and relevant. The video conferencing application used for web-based sessions allows quality interaction between learners and the trainer.

Do I need to purchase the materials for the course?

No, you are not required to purchase any textbooks for this course,  you will access the learning materials  on  Moodle LMS. All you need to join is high speed internet, a webcam and a headset.

How can I register for the course?

To register for the course you need to send us an email specifying the enrollment option of your choice. You can find information about the course registration options and  fees here.