In Social Media Your Words Make an Impression

In Social Media Your Words Make an Impression...
In Social Media Your Words Make an Impression…

Do you realize that social networks, to name a few here – Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, MySpace, Path, etc., and digital media have become public relations (PR) platforms? The very nature of the media means these platforms are evolving on an ongoing basis. Being effective in the social media is about sharing information and experiences, sharing news about the latest developments, listening and reacting to what others are saying – and garnering people’s interest and not about selling your products or services.

If people like the content, they are quite likely to become your “brand evangelists” and “brand advocates” – share your content and social media posts with their friends and connections. Keep in mind that you should “return the compliment” – do this for them as well. This will open up new opportunities and horizons for you in this interconnected world.

Have you realized how important your English writing skills are on social networking platforms? They will make or break all the opportunities of doing business with you every time you share your content or make a post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The quality of your writing literally determines your fate as an entrepreneur or your company’s success.

So, as a Facebook member how do you interact with your friends and keep them posted with all the “noteworthy events” in your life? The key to success in social media is to keep them up to date with only the noteworthy events. The more value you add to your social media “talk” the more people will pay attention to what you “say” and the opposite is also true.

All the generic functionality of social media, such as making updates of places visited, sharing personal photos, and adding more people to your friends or connections list do not add value to individuals’ lives. In fact, it is that functionality that makes a platform “social media”. Consequently, there is no need to be so infatuated with all the unnecessary updates – share things that will add value to your friends’ lives – you do not know who your potential customers are.

How can you add value to your friends’ and connections’ lives with your social media posts? First of all, make sure that every post you write is engaging, and there is a valid reason for people to “like” it. I encourage you to closely scrutinize all the past status updates you have made, how many of them are engaging, i.e. how many “likes” have you received for each of them? The less “likes” on your friends’ side the more time and efforts wasted on your own side. Let’s scrutinize the posts even further – is the picture of not high quality? Most likely it is the “writing” part that is boring, full of awkward grammatical structures and typos. Regard this revelation as a valuable piece of advice from your close friend and change your writing style: every time ask yourself –  why should your connections read your post? Is it written in a friendly and engaging manner, and the information shared will be useful to them? Or is it promoting your business and asking for “likes” and “shares”? At the very least, you should balance both, otherwise it will not work.

How can you make your posts sound enthusiastic? Although some communication experts might insist on using such adjectives as ‘exclusive’, ‘leading,’ “premium’, ‘state-of-the-art’, ‘smart’, ‘designer, ‘trendy’, ‘hand-crafted’ and ‘green’ as “power words” alongside the nouns, i.e. your products and services, I would encourage you to refrain from using them – they have become so trite. Use adjectives that are really descriptive of your products or services – their quality, practicality and purpose. These will sound more authentic and have better appeal to your target audience and general public.

Just because your friends ‘like’ your posts does not necessarily mean they are going to promote your business or buy whatever you are promoting on social media. How can you make them buy your services? – Delight them with the experience through your posts. So, again, make your English writing engaging enough for your friends to simply remember what you have recently put up on Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Establish and foster relationships with other users who have come across your posts by interacting with them, showing that you care – and they are more likely to do business with you in the future. Reply to comments and never be resentful of negative ones, instead regard the positive comments as “compliments” and the negative ones as “hints” to understand why they are not appreciated. Putting your viewpoint on every negative comment will further annoy people. Just mention that you have taken a note on that and will consider it in the future. You don’t need to follow their advice but you have to say so for your own sake.

Effective English writing skills are critical to make your Facebook, Linkedin, etc. page lively and vibrant. And as a final point – never underestimate the power of social media, it will pay great dividends only if you do things right from the onset.

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