Our Approach

English CoursesAll our English courses are career-focused and tailored to adult learners. We integrate teaching of the English language and professionally relevant content in ways that bring about the learning of both. Our goal is to maximize your learning by the use of:

  • Audio/video multimedia-based learning materials
  • Native speaking trainer for face-to-face (online) interaction
  • Learning modules that culminate with speaking practice
  • Tasks and quizzes that enable new vocabulary learning
  • Feedback to improve your language learning strategies.

We believe that meaningful interaction between learners their trainer and authentic content is the key for successful learning outcomes. Therefore, our courses are designed with emphasis on:

  • Improving learners’ English speaking skills
  • Authentic and relevant content
  • Face-to-face interaction to reinforce learners’ English language skills and expand their knowledge.

Online synchronous sessions are indispensable for motivating learners, encouraging and guiding their use of the newly learned vocabulary, as well as for unstructured speaking practice. The technology we use for online trainer-led sessions offers the following functionalities:

  • Onscreen whiteboard
  • Document and desktop sharing
  • Synchronous text chat
  • Online meeting room for group sessions.

To enable every learner’s success, we ensure relevance of learning materials both in terms of their complexity and appropriateness to the online environment. By applying research-based teaching methods and taking into consideration every learner’s needs we help them to go beyond their English language limitations and feel the joy of transformational learning experience. We believe that learning process enhanced with positive emotions is empowering and has a life-long impact on people. To deliver the best learning experience our courses are continually improved based on participants’ results and feedback.

Last but not least, unlike many others we do not promise what cannot be delivered. Speaking a foreign language entails making use of one’s knowledge of the language in real-life situations, therefore learning adequate amount of relevant vocabulary and structures, seeking opportunities to practice the language with those who speak it as their first language is the only right way to achieve fluency in it.

If there is still anything  you need to clarify, please get in touch.