How to Access a Course

Shortly after your first contact with us you will receive a welcome email which will include information about your cohort start date. Each cohort starts on the 1st date of the following month. This means that if a person registers for a course on, let’s say, February 14th, his cohort will start on March 1st.

To access your course on Moodle platform you will need to use your username and password which will be emailed to you upon registration.  On the course start date you will be able to locate the course under “My Courses” list when you log onto Moodle platform.  If you can’t see your course after you are logged onto Moodle, it means your course instructor has not made it available yet. This might happen due to the time difference, all you need to do in such a situation is to log onto the platform again a few hours later.

For online sessions you are expected to be available on their scheduled day and time , since a missed session cannot be recouped.  Also, make sure  Zoom plugins in your web browser are not blocked so that you can enter the virtual meeting room. It is very important that you test your webcam and a headset prior to the course start date to ensure you will not be having problems during online sessions.

Last but not least, make sure your first contact with us is by email.

How to Access  Course Materials

Course materials can be accessed on a weekly basis on our Moodle  LMS. It is advisable that you study weekly materials before your scheduled online session. You will have access to learning materials, practice worksheets, and discussion forums on the course start date.

How to Set up a Browser for Zoom Meetings

Even though you should not encounter any issues entering your weekly session via the link sent to you by email, make sure your browser is set to work correctly with your online learning environment. For this you need to have your pop-up windows enabled and java configured.

What to Expect from a Course?

All courses are comprised of 25 modules which span over 6 months. The best approach to online courses is to study the materials before weekly sessions with a trainer so that you are familiar with topics and can contribute to discussions.

How to Make the Most of a Course

Setting realistic learning goals, creating a weekly plan and keeping a journal are very effective strategies for achieving results. You also need sufficient guided practice to improve your speaking skills in English. Hence do your best to keep up with weekly assignments and actively participate in online sessions.

If there is still anything  you need to clarify, please get in touch.