Course Delivery Platform

All our courses are delivered online using Moodle Learning Management System (LMS).

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a leading educational platform used by colleges/universities and businesses worldwide for delivering online training. Moodle LMS is a virtual environment which has a simple interface that resembles an informational portal. It is accessible from any place any time, easy to use and has all the functionalities for delivering courses that include audio visual elements and asynchronous trainer-learner interaction.

Do learners need to have prior experience with Moodle?

No, as a learner you are not required to have had prior experience with online learning. In fact, our courses will help you build your confidence with online courses in an inspiring and stress-less online environment. Courses delivered via Moodle are learner-centered and offer better learning experience than traditional courses since learners study and participate within a course at the time most convenient for them. Courses also integrate all the standard procedures for session scheduling, registration, evaluation and assessment. Learners access their course materials, discussion forums, assignments and quizzes through a dashboard. The platform also allows them to track their progress and receive individualized feedback from their instructor.

Here you can find a brief overview of Moodle.

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