Our Learners

Who Are Our Learners?

The majority of our learners are adults who speak English as their second or third language and aspire to advance in their professional fields. Despite professional achievements, they think their English language skills impede their career development in multinational companies. To be precise, they are expected to have professional working proficiency in English, which means to be able to communicate in English with adequate level of accuracy and fluency in formal professional or informal social situations.

The next fairly large group of our learners are young people who are considering to enrol in undergraduate/graduate courses at a university/college where the medium of instruction is English. They think they might face challenges in their studies due to a poor command of English or lack of experience with online courses. They take our courses to be able to fully benefit from other courses delivered in English.

What  We Expect of  Our Learners

We really hope that English (ESP) training you receive with us will open up new opportunities for you. For this very reason we ensure that you receive the training that best meets your personal needs, regardless of your financial situation. It should also be emphasized that your commitment to personal goals and aspirations is absolutely necessary for achieving truly remarkable results.