Academic English & Writing Skills for College

An online course for high intermediate English learners. Course duration: 12 weeks.


This course focuses on developing English language learners’ academic writing skills, such as critically reading and evaluating information; formulating a thesis statement; and referring to sources in your writing. You will practice organizing evidence within paragraphs and creating coherence when conveying your ideas. You will also improve your written fluency and accuracy in English. These skills will help you succeed at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in Canada.

This course will allow high-intermediate English learners to improve their academic writing skills in English by exploring the stages of the writing process, such as finding credible sources, proofreading, developing ideas, and using appropriate vocabulary and sentence structures in English. Forming a thesis statement, organizing evidence within paragraphs, and writing coherent paragraphs are all academic writing skills that you will practice in this course.

Is this course right for you?

Academic writing is different from other types of writing. Even though you are not expected to speak perfect English in college, you must write essays and reports in order to complete your coursework. The skills you will develop in this course will benefit you not only in college but also in your future career.