At English REALM we have taken a multi-level approach in our English training programs and courses by integrating 21st century skills into quality content and personalizing English language instruction. We help learners develop accurate and fluent communication skills in English, cross-cultural awareness, effective collaboration, critical thinking and learning strategies – the most essential skills of the 21st century!

We offer transformative English language programs that prepare self-directed learners, highly skilled employees and compassionate global citizens of tomorrow.

At English REALM learners are central to everything we do. This is reflected in our actions daily – we support you to the greatest degree possible by adhering to the following principles:

  • Provide environment that promotes social interaction through meaningful tasks
  • Foster self-directed learning and ensure each learner’s progress through regular guidance and timely feedback
  • Adopt culturally sensitive approach that is attuned to learners’ needs, interests and feelings about their English learning
  • Balanced use of “guided” (learning goals are pre-determined) and “action” (learners determine their learning objectives based on personal needs and circumstances) approaches
  • Encourage learners to aim high and support them to achieve their English language related goals
  • Ensure that learning environment promotes consideration for others and positive spirit of competitiveness
  • Have realistic expectations of every learner to ensure learning is positive and rewarding experience for all.

We promote equity in education through high quality English programs and courses that are personalized, adaptable, and affordable for most learners.

With growing momentum to achieve native-level English proficiency, our learners have high expectations of us. For this reason, we use evidence-based and innovative approaches. We also periodically review our courses, update content and redefine our goals to ensure we always deliver above par learning experience.


In the context of English language “personalized” means using language practice tasks that meet every learner’s unique needs. To achieve noticeable results, we combine language skills and relevant content so that our trainees succeed in learning both.


An additional advantage of our training is that it’s learners who determine their course duration and the type of trainer-led sessions. Adult English learners appreciate the flexibility, which is an additional advantage of our approach – the online delivery mode and the flexibility that we provide you with regard to the course duration and the type of trainer-led sessions.


We strongly believe that everyone, no matter their financial circumstances, should be able to reach their full potential, and their proficiency in English plays an essential role in this. 

Our training model makes a real difference by enabling learners to tackle the English language demands of their academic and professional careers.