English REALM specializes in content-based English language training solutions. Our courses are designed to provide training  both in content and the English language. Our instructional goal is to accelerate learners’ development of English skills while also expanding their professional competences. Training is delivered online via Moodle LMS – one of the most reliable, secure and integrated learning management systems.

Our guiding principles –  To enable real progress in every learner’s English language by putting our expertise in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) and Instructional Design fields into practice. Also, by assisting learners  in setting achievable goals we help them to achieve meaningful results. We believe that a foreign language mastery is possible only when  learners set realistic goals  and are determined to achieve them.

Our mission – To equip learners with English skills and knowledge that will allow them to play a full part in  the companies they work, societies they live, and to make the most of the economic opportunities available to them.

Our goals – We recognize that a strong command of English is expected of everyone in today’s global workplace. Having this in mind, we have developed our courses so that non-native English speaking professionals with minimal level of English proficiency improve their language skills at the fastest pace possible.

Our English courses are delivered online using state-of-the-art video conferencing tools and  Moodle Learning Management System. To ensure the most enjoyable English language learning experience we  have applied the latest research in TESOL  and Instructional Design fields as well as professional insights in the design of our content-based English courses which focus on developing non-native English speakers’ oral fluency, vocabulary, grammar,  reading/listening comprehension.

We  focus on the development of learners’ speaking skills ,  grammar and vocabulary needed for effective and effortless interaction in English in professional contexts.  Courses are designed so that to make it easier for learners to explore authentic, high quality and professionally relevant content while improving their English  language skills.

Our courses incorporate research-based approach, the latest technology and instructional techniques that are  recognized by experts in TESOL field as the most effective for developing learners’ English language skills within an online environment. The courses are designed for adult non-native English speakers who have acquired knowledge of English grammar rules and have sufficient vocabulary to initiate and bring off informal conversations in English. The instructional techniques and content used emphasize learners’ development of English  speaking skills and competencies needed for reaching their full potential.