Academic English & Critical Thinking

Academic English & Critical Thinking

An online course for intermediate English learners. Course duration: 12 weeks.


This course integrates English language and critical thinking skills development. Critical thinking skills are crucial for success in any field because they allow you to effectively communicate your ideas, make decisions, analyze information, and solve problems. Steps such as processing and organizing facts and other information to define a problem and develop effective solutions are involved in critical thinking. The quality of your thinking has a strong influence on the decisions you make in life.

This course provides intermediate-level English learners with an opportunity to improve their academic English writing and critical thinking skills while studying authentic texts. You will learn how to identify arguments, weigh their pros and cons, evaluate the credibility of evidence, and find effective solutions to real-world problems, among other things. After completing the course, your overall English proficiency is expected to improve noticeably.

Is this course right for you?

You may take thinking for granted, but critical thinking skills will enable you to make better decisions, analyze situations effectively, and come up with innovative solutions to problems. After completing this course, you will be among the few who have honed their critical thinking skills along with English skills to better communicate your ideas in writing.