Academic English & Study Skills

Academic English & Study Skills

An online course for high intermediate English learners. Course duration: 12 weeks.


This course combines the development of the English language with study skills. Using effective strategies for studying, coping with your nerves during exams contributes to your capacity to learn and is a strong predictor of your academic achievement. Study skills allow you to adapt to a new academic environment, accelerate the learning process, and contribute to a positive learning experience in college. 

This course allows high-intermediate English learners to develop their study skills and habits, verbal and written communication skills in English. They will also improve their overall proficiency in English. You will develop effective study skills and a positive approach to your academic studies, as well as your English language proficiency through authentic and engaging content, active knowledge sharing, and small group discussions.

Is this course right for you?

A variety of factors contribute to college success. Your intelligence is one of these factors, but it is not the most important. The study skills, strategies, and habits you will acquire in this course will significantly boost your self-confidence and attitude to academic opportunities in Canada.