Academic English & Intercultural Communication

An online course for high intermediate English learners. Course duration: 12 weeks.


This course combines the development of the English language with intercultural communication skills. These skills allow you to be mindful of how the words you use can be interpreted and to effectively interpret verbal and nonverbal clues from people of different cultural backgrounds. Intercultural communication skills enable you to adjust to a new culture in college, facilitate your integration into the learning process, and contribute to building relationships with people from various backgrounds in life.

This course allows high-intermediate English learners to enhance their understanding of different cultures, develop their verbal and written communication skills in English, while also improving their overall confidence when speaking in English in unfamiliar settings. You will develop intercultural competence, broaden your perspective, as well as improve your English language skills through authentic and engaging content, active knowledge sharing, and small group discussions.

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You will become more aware of how you communicate in English and be able to recognize the influence your own culture has on the quality of your relationships. You will develop the skills needed to communicate effectively in English in unfamiliar settings by connecting the key concepts learned in this course to your own life.