Academic English & Preparation for College

An online course for high intermediate English learners. Course duration: 12 weeks.


The course combines English language development with practical skills for deciding which college to attend, how to get accepted, and how to approach your academic studies. These skills will allow you to avoid mistakes when determining the quality of your college experience, increase your chances of success as a student, and make your college years in Canada more enjoyable.

This course allows high-intermediate English learners to gain knowledge needed to meet expectations, improve their learning experience and outcomes in college. You will develop effective study skills and a positive approach to your academic studies, as well as your English language proficiency through authentic and engaging content, active knowledge sharing, and small group discussions.

Is this right for you?

The skills and habits you will develop in this course will boost your confidence in your English skills and allow you to feel more in control of your academic career. You will be better prepared to face new challenges as you progress through college, which will reduce the amount of time you will spend on your studies and accelerate your progress.