English REALM offers online, trainer-led specialized English courses to adults for whom a high proficiency in English is prerequisite for career success. All our courses are developed in alignment with Academic Partnership’s guides and American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency guidelines.

We equip adult learners with the English language skills they need to navigate effectively in their professional fields, where English is the language of communication.

Our courses are content-based, use evidence supported methods and are delivered through our cloud-based e-learning platform and virtual face-to-face training to English learners around the world. Each course includes subject content, language skills practice tasks, trainer-led online sessions and can be realistically completed within 6 months.

Content-based is the central element of our approach, allows learners to use subject content to develop their knowledge and English language skills. This approach is also favored by supporters of “natural language acquisition” method.

Differentiation and Individualization – the two course delivery modes we use, in a flipped classroom allow us to promote self-directed and engaged online learning.

Differentiation – adjusting the curriculum based on different group of learners, designing course materials based on the needs of each specific group, using activities that support English language needs of each learner in a group. Using evidence from each group of learners to determine their skills mastery.  

Individualization – aligning the curriculum to a learner’s prior knowledge, designing course materials based on the English language needs of each individual learner, identifying and addressing the learner’s specific needs in one-on-one sessions, considering the learner’s preference for topics. The learner’s progress in the language is used as evidence of his/her skills mastery level.