English REALM offers online, trainer-led synchronous and asynchronous Specialized English /ESP courses to adults, Academic English /EAP courses to students and Discover English program to young learners. All the courses delivered through our e-learning platform are aligned with Academic Partnership’s guides, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency guidelines and 21st century education framework and principles.

We equip adult learners with the English language skills they need to successfully navigate their careers in increasingly English speaking professional fields.

Our English for Specific Purposes /ESP courses are content-based and enable non-native English speaking professionals who have obtained intermediate proficiency in English. These courses are realistically challenging to enable learners’ development of communicative competence in English, improve their critical thinking skills and professionally relevant competencies. We have used evidence-based approach to design highly relevant and meaningful training which is delivered using our e-learning platform to adult English learners around the world. Each course, which can realistically be completed within 6 months, includes self-study modules, language skills and critical thinking practice tasks and weekly trainer-led speaking practice sessions.

Our innovative training model prepares English learners for success in college and career in the highly conpetitive global environment.

Our Academic English /EAP (levels 1 and 2) is an academically rigorous course suitable for English learners who have obtained high inetermediate level in English and aspire to enter a college/university in an English-speaking country. The course enables learners’ development of academic writing skills, critical thinking and learning strategies to succeed in college. Each level, which can realistically completed within 6 months, includes weekly topic presentations and regular comprehensive feedback by trainer on learners’ reading and writing self-study tasks on our e-learning platform.

Our program for young learners lays the foundation of their success in an interdependent world by enabling them internalize both English and human values.

Our DiscoverEnglish program allows young learners to discover English – develop vocabulary, awareness of the language structures, reading and listening comprehension skills in a highly supportive and engaging online learning environment. The program is attuned to young learners’ individual differences, interests and feelings about English learning. The program includes weekly face-to-face lessons with a trainer, access to interactive materials on our learning platform and realistic reading and writing practice tasks.

Our English courses are unparalleled…

Professionally relevant content is the central element of our ESP courses – study materials allow development of learners’ English language skills, vocabulary appropriate for formal interactions in English and professionally relevant competencies.

Differentiation and Individualization – these modes, favored by supporters of “natural language acquisition” method, allow us to promote self-directed learning and enable skills mastery.

Differentiation – adjusting the program and materials based on each group of learners, their needs and interests; using tasks that support each learner’s English skills development in a group.

Individualization – aligning course materials to each learner’s prior knowledge and English language goals; identifying and meeting each learner’s specific needs during synchronous sessions and asynchronous interaction.  

Last but not least…

  • Supportive and engaging learning environment
  • Personally and professionally relevant materials and tasks
  • Flexible training approach and meaningful social interaction
  • Trainer-led speaking sessions planned around learners’ interests
  • Assessments that reflects each learner’s real progress