Specialized English & Entrepreneurship

Specialized English & Entrepreneurship

An online English course for adult learners with intermediate proficiency. Course duration: 12 weeks.


This course combines the development of English language skills with the exploration of entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour. In the twenty-first century, where unconventional solutions or ideas for new products are considered valuable, having an entrepreneurial disposition is highly advantageous. In this course, you will gain a understanding of the strategies used in entrepreneurship, the types of entrepreneurship, and the process of designing, launching, and running a new business.

This course is suitable for adult learners with intermediate proficiency in English who intend to improve their verbal fluency in English while also improving their understanding of the processes and activities associated with being an entrepreneur. Through authentic content, active knowledge sharing, and small group discussions, you will improve your entrepreneurial thinking as well as your English language skills. You will demonstrate your understanding of the topic-related concepts by presenting your ideas in English both orally and in writing. Your overall proficiency in English is expected to improve noticeably after completing the course.

Is this course right for you?

Entrepreneurship is more than just taking risks in the hopes of making large profits; it is also about making a difference in people’s lives through innovative products or services. Thinking like an entrepreneur will also help you make better decisions and create a vision for your life. It goes without saying that high English proficiency leads to increased self-confidence and other benefits in your career and life.